The Situation

Haiti is facing two energy challenges: a broken electricity sector and dependency on charcoal.   The electricity sector in Haiti is among the most challenged in the region.  Only about one-quarter of the population had access to electricity prior to the 2010 earthquake, and that remains the case today.-(https://www.usaid.gov/haiti/energy)
Bottom line, they don’t have electricity. Approximately 97% of the people we come in contact with do not have power.   Power is more prevalent in the cities, less so in the countryside.

  • Women cannot see to cook a meal for their family. 
  • Without a basic power grid, people must rely on batteries, which are cost prohibitive, or oil, which is dangerous, to see at night.
  • Children cannot read or study. Their education is limited to expand itself through homework because they are limited on the time they have before the sun sets. 
  • People lose 4-5 hours that they can be productive because they cannot see to complete everyday tasks. 
  • Safety becomes an issue when you live in the dark. Sounds silly but things like stumping your toe, and tripping in the dark can lead to bodily harm.

In the States, we do dishes, read books, wash clothes, watch TV, troll people on Twitter, have a meal, at night and all with the aid of electricity.